Custom Control - Add Additional Items

"ADD ADDITIONAL RECORD" Custom Control For XMod Pro

In XMod Pro, items are either a Template (which can loop) or a Form (which cannot loop or have repeating dynamic fields), but with this new Custom Control, you can add the ability to create dynamic "add additional" fields/records to an XMod Pro Form!
Benefits & Features: We developed this Custom Control for project situations where we needed to have one part of a form allow for multiple additional fields or iteration of fields. An example might be a set of address fields where you need to "add additional addresses", or a contact person set where you need to "add additional contact persons".
  • Can be customized to contain any number of fields within the added set
  • The user is able to click the "Add Additional" button multiple times to add multiple field sets to the screen
  • When used in an Edit form that "reads in" data, a red delete X is displayed, allowing the user to delete/remove that additional record
  • Fully customizable for style/layout from within CSS, jQuery and within XMod Pro code
  • To use this custom control within your XMod Pro forms, simply add the REGISTER tag to your form for the moorecreative.xmodcontrols, then follow instructions for customization and options within the control.

This Kit & Code Are Made For XMod Pro

Made For XMod Pro

This Kit / Code works in XMod Pro and is a collection of Forms, Templates and Feeds that together create a solution or module for DNN. This code will not work without XMod Pro 3+ installed in your DNN instance. If you do not already have a licensed copy of XMod Pro, go get one!
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Installation & Custom Setup

This is a complex XMod Pro Custom Form Control that, once installed, is heavily customized to meet your specific needs of use. Unlike other Module Kits and Custom Controls that we offer, the purchase of this item includes the development time for Moore Creative staff to install and customize/configure one type/instance of the control on your DNN website. Please contact us if you have any questions before purchasing this item from the DNN Store. We will begin by discussing the form field and database record details that are involved and will then setup a sample XMod Pro form using the customized control.


Demo Basic Example "Add Additional" XMP Form Element

Action StepDue DateReminder Date

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