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DNN Secure Install - Utility Module

This DNN security utility module is built to quickly address the needs of lockdown of the DNN /install/ folder and contents from locations that you may have limited access to as host or developer.
Options of the ZIP action are to either zip the loose file contents of the Install folder, or to zip the entire folder. Once zipped, the install folder and/or files are safe from current known and future exploits because they're inert!
Benefits & Features: This security utililty was built by Moore Creative as a tool for use especially in client locations where because of otehr security restrictions or distance from the client/host, we did not have FTP access to the DNN instance. We still needed to either rename, delete or otherwise address the security issue, so the functional need for this module was born!
Use this module to lock down the contents of the /install/ folder by either zipping the install and upgrade files within the folder (Install, InstallWizard, UpgradeWizard) or by zipping the entire folder.
  • In Settings, select zipping options
  • Choose to ZIP the loose files of the install folder
  • Or choose to ZIP the entire install folder
  • Once zipped, files/folder are inert
  • Allows you to retain the Install.aspx and UpgradeWizard.aspx files vs deleting



Notes & Instructions

This module is free to the DNN Community and is provided without cost and under the Apache basic license. This software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
We have tested this module and the usage within our own DNN instances and know it to be safe for use in DNN 7 and 8 instances, but please always practice SAFETY and backup your DNN instance, and especially the install folder before proceeding and testing for the first time.
  • Install Step 1. Install DNN Module
    Standard install process as a normal DNN Module.
  • Install Step 2. Place onto a Page
    We have placed this module at the top of the Security Analyzer page (if running version 1.x) so that it can be used in conjunction, or you can place it at the top of the Extensions or Host pages, or within a new page in the Host menu.
  • Usage Step 3. Settings
    On the Setttings screen, make choices for whether to zip the files, or the whole folder, etc.
  • Usage Step 4. Press the Zip/Unzip Button
    Ready to go! Press the Zip or UNzip button to change the state of the targeted folder/files.



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